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Getting Vault Loader to escape line breaks in multiline field data with \r\n




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    Mark Arnold

    Chris, as discussed with Product Support, your request would be considered a product enhancement and should be submitted to Veeva Connect. If you are experiencing issues registering, please work with Product Support. 


    CSV specifications dictate that fields that contain line breaks but must be wrapped in double quotes, but does not require those values to be escaped as /r/n. This is how Vault delivers CSVs today. Please refer to RFC 4180, Section 2.6:


    The issue you are experiencing is a limitation of your CSV parser. Some parser handle the line break properly, some do not. We recommend you work with your particular parsing vendor or use an alternative solution.

  • Chris Cowperthwait

    In case there was a question about it, I created a Veeva Support ticket about this but they just said that things are "working as designed" even though that means exported CSV files are essentially corrupted.


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