Cycle Plan Multiple HCP selection

İt is an enhancement request in the Cycle plan module during CP creation and the actual configuration give not this option.
Actually when a user create a Cycle Plan (approx. 150-200 HCP in each CP) he must enter one by one the targets numbers for all the HCP. İt is not practical for Field Force user.
Request: The possibility that the user can select multiple HCP at the same time (with the existing boxes) and after enter in the target field  the same target number for all the selection at once. For instance if all HCP A category must have12 visits (target frequency) it will be nice that the user can make a massive target entry.

This functionality will certainly save a lot of time the reps when they have to prepare the cycle plan. İnstead that field users complete a excel list with targets and make data loading but that the module (online) give to the user to multiple target entry options.
Best Regards,

Aram Bosnakyan

Thea Turkey


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