System feedback when no access to document

When you search for a document that exists but which you don't have access to, you should get some kind of message from the system confirming that it does exist, e.g.:

Your search for xxx matches documents you do not have access to.

Today you are just told that your search did not match any documents and the user doesn't know if it's because it doesn't exist or just due to lack of permission to see it.
This causes a lot of confusion for the users and a lot of unnecessary time spent to identify if documents exist or not.




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    Shire Marketing Services

    I agree with this.

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    Craig Gassman

    This would be INCREDIBLY useful. Would greatly support group and user access management.

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    Karen Foster

    Agreed. This would be very helpful. 

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    Heather Goldinger

    I also agree. There should be acknowledgement of the document's existence but a message notifying they do not have access to view it.



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