User Management - Inactivation Timer

It would be great to include a date/time function to inactive a user account for 'upcoming or known terminations.' There are instances when we are alerted of an employee termination 2-3 weeks in advance and we always seem to be playing catch up in ensuring related accounts are inactivated. If an 'inactivation timer' can be added to a user profile, management of employees who are leaving the organization would be that much easier.


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    Igor Tsives Official comment

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the suggestion. This request has been added to our roadmap for consideration in a later release.

    Thanks you,

    Igor Tsives

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    Ted Trost

    This would be helpful also for when we hire contractors to perform work for a specified time-- we could enter their last date of work.

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    Ronald Hernando

    I agree with Craig and Ted. At the very least, an admin notification/email message to remind the admin to inactivate the account. Right now I have to set up Outlook reminders to deactivate people on a given termination date.

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    Ronald Hernando


    Do you have an update if this is in consideration for release in 2017R3 or 2018?

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