Requests to Enhance the Enhancement Requests

Would you please add a feature to allow us to filter by the Enhancement Requests made by us?

Also, the search bar at the top appears to search the entire site. Can you allow us to restrict the search by section (for example, limit the search to Enhancement Request only)? This would allow us to search more easily for requests prior to submitting similar/duplicate requests.


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    Tamas Nyitrai Official comment

    Hi everyone,


    While it is not possible at this time to filter for products or topics, you can review your own posts by opening your profile and reviewing the Activity Overview, or your Posts as shown in the screenshot below:

    Best regards,


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    Shire Marketing Services

    I agree on both counts.

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    Paul Kim

    This would be very helpful.  It is very difficult to find my own enhancement request posts.  Either filtering feature or maybe a "My Posts" section.

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    Amy Edwards

    I also agree with both requests

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    Heather Goldinger

    I agree with the request too.

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    Mahesh Kunadia


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    Karen Foster

    I agree. It would also help if we could search for vault only etc. More filtering options would be great. 

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