Please stop using Recent Documents as the default view - should be All Docs

Having "Recent" documents as the default view when you login to an account and open a particular view for the first time is not intuitive and is problematic.  Yes, once you've opened that view for the first time, the system will go to the most recently used option next time you login, but when you are new to Veeva or, in my case, are conducting testing using multiple accounts, this results in the impression that I don't have access to all documents that I should have access to, which results in helpdesk tickets, and lost time for both user and Veeva support.

It doesn't really make sense to have "Recent Docs" be the default view when logging in to that view for the first time, because you haven't used that view before so why would you expect to have recent documents in that view?  Is it possible to make the first-time default be All Docs?



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    Amy Edwards

    I agree, this is a frequent source of confusion when we add new users to the system.  We bring it up during training, but we still receive panicked phone calls later when users are trying to use the system for the first time on their own.

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    Sarah Campanozzi

    Agreed!  This is a great suggestion.

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