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When rendering a Word document which contains exports from a SAS-file these documents are not rendered correct.The SAS tables are formatted using SAS fonts, like SAS monospace. When rendered in Veeva these SAS fonts aren't supported, resulting in 'ffff' instead of a table line (lines are generated using the SAS monospace font).

These fonts are not supported native by Word and need to installed an the local machine, when these fonts are available on the local machine rendering a pdf locally works fine. 

Is it possible for Veeva to support rendering of documents which contain SAS fonts, the fonts itself are freely available on the website from SAS.

Kind Regards,



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    Florian Letourneux Official comment

    Hi Bram,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. 

    We're reviewing your request and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

    Best regards,


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    Tim Jenkins

    Have there been any updates to this request?

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    Florian Letourneux

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for question and sorry I forgot to update the status.

    SAS Monospace and SAS Monospace Bold fonts have been supported in Vault since August 17th 2018 (Rendition server update).

    Other SAS fonts are not supported and will be substituted by another font in the viewable rendition if they are not embedded in the source file.





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