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We currently have an EMEA Survey (in English) that we would like to translate for different languages (Italian, Dutch, Spanish, ...) and visualize in 1 dashboard, by grouping the question responses. This is currently not possible because there is no reference between the Survey objects, and every new Question Response creates a new record.

It would be of great use if this functionality is possible in a future release of Veeva, as it would ease the reporting process and make related surveys easily viewable so conclusions can be made more easily.


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    Stephanie Shaw Official comment

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you for your feedback.  I believe that there is a custom configuration that may be possible to help meet this requirement.  You could try the following:

    • Create a custom field such as Group_Id__c on the Survey_vod object.  This field would hold an identifier to group all translations of the survey together.
    • When you click on the "Translate" button, the Group_Id__c value will be copied over to the translated survey.
    • Create a custom field for Group_Id__c on the Survey_Target_vod object.  When there is a custom field on Survey_Target_vod that matches to the API name of a custom field on the Survey_vod object, then the value from the Survey_vod is copied to the Survey_Target_vod object.  

    With this, you would be able to group all translated versions of the Surveys together using a single Group Id.  Additionally, you would be able to group all Survey Targets (survey responses) together using that same Group Id.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.




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    EVER CRM Admin (Stefan Thaler)

    Hi Steph,


    beside the reporting workaround, a real translation would still be great, becaue through translating the survey via copy (what the translate button in principal does) I can see the results of a certain country only in the country language and I have now way to "switch" the language quickly. I always need to open the survey original in English on one screen and compare the result of on foreign country on the other screen - this is the only way I can find back the questions in a language, which I can understand. On singe surveys - no problem, but we made once a user survey over 1 month in 5 countries with langages in Russian, Chinees,... with ~10 questions. You cannot remember the questions or anser options by hart... so it is really hard work to check the results.




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