Allow linking a Call retrospectively to an Account Plan

Currently it is not supported to link a call, e.g. created from the Account Detail Page or in the calendar to an Account Plan. This link is only available when planning directly from the Account Plan.

This behavior was supported in the past but has been changed in one of the last releases. Veeva support told us the old option to create the link for existing calls was seen as a bug.

We see so many users complaining that they now have less flexibility in their planning process and therefore really demand to have this option available again.


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    Arpad Laczkovszki Official comment

    Hi Kristin,

    This is indeed working as designed now and the previous behaviour was due to a bug that did not filter the Account Plans based on the Account that the Call was created for.

    You can achieve the same results in multiple ways though.

    1, Users can start recording the Call from the Account Plan instead for which we have a dedicated Record a Call button on the Account Plan object.

    2, Users also have the option to link a Call with an Account Plan in case you have an Account Tactic defined for the desired Account Plan, where the target Account is the same as on the Call itself.
    For example I have an Account Plan defined for Dr. Clinton Ackerman that contains an Account Tactic for his coworker Dr. Bonnie Chen, to promote the efficacy of the Cholecap product. This Account Plan for Dr. Ackerman can be linked to a Call that is recorded for Dr. Chen due to the presence of the related Account Tactic.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.


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    EVER CRM Admin (Stefan Thaler)

    Hi Arpad,

    if you read Kristin's comment carefully, you see that your suggestion is exactly that what she said (we know that we can assign a call via the "Record a call" on the account plan). But the intention for post is diffrent one... it would be usefull if we still could assign a call created via the account detail page or scheduler.



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