Make owner__v queryable

I have a use case where I need to extract document properties and owner information based on various filter criteria. This requires the following process:

1) Query the API for the document IDs that meet my criteria

2) Loop through the result set and call the document API for each document

3) Locate the ID of the owner of each document

4) Call the users API for the user details

If owner__v were queryable, I could potentially limit all of this to a single API query call that joins the document and user objects.


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    Igor Tsives Official comment

    Hi Robert,

    This feature is still on our backlog and still considered very important, although we don't have it in our plan for an upcoming release. 

    Thank you,


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    Najeem Bahram

    Hi Tim,

    We realize the process you've outlined is not optimal. We'll take this request under consideration and see how we can improve this functionality.





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    Robert Dyson


    We are on-boarding to Veeva PromoMats and are building several integrations via the API. It is obviously common for us to retrieve a set of documents using the VQL language, but one of the most requested fields is the Document Owner. It is really frustrating that this field is not queryable. It's also strange that owner seems to return an array and yet in the front-end it forces a single owner. 

    Please can we our our voice to Tim's and request that this functionality is included as soon as possible as this would greatly reduce the number of API calls we have to make when simply returning a set of documents.

    I can think of so many times I'd also want to us this field in the filter criteria too.

    Many thanks.


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    Robert Dyson

    Has there been any update on this? This extra request significantly increases our API calls. 

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