Need Group access for CLM presentation and consent feature in CRM

I'm trying create group access for CLM presentation and consent based on country. I was told that the current sharing rule only allow 50 sharing groups created in CRM but we need more the 50 countries created.

Is there anyway this can be done?

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    Leticia Gutierrez Official comment

    Recommended approach would be to revisit the Product Catalog in order to have Product record by country (users have access to CLM Key Messages based on their My Setup Products configuration)

    If this is wasn't possible, please assess whether a presentation can shared by other attributes (i.e.: cluster, region, language). If needed you can create new custom fields in Vault and in CRM and do the mapping in order to use them in the sharing rules.

    Another possibility to explore is to create a custom field in Vault and use it in the WHERE clause in the CLM Administration console, if you have several orgs deployed.



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