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Reassigning Workflow Owner




  • Official comment
    George Lee

    Hi, The ability to replace any participant, including workflow owner, is on the roadmap.

    Rob, It sounds like in your suggestion, you would like to see the ability to replace a user both in workflow participant, and Sharing Setting roles at the same time?

  • Rob Rimmer

    Yes,  I'd up vote this 20x if I could.

    This exact scenario is a constant re-occurring issue for us as well.

    We bulk replace an owner who has left.  We bulk replace their workflows.  We deactivate their license.

    And nothing works for anyone unless we reactivate the terminated employees license.

    I've also seen this issue where the user isn't inactivated but is reassigned to a read only role where previously they were listed in a workflow.

    It'd also be nice to have just a 1 click functionality that allows for bulk replacing all 'in process' instances of a specific user with a new individual for both record roles and workflows without having to run separate bulk replacement streams. The way it currently works feels awkward.


  • Paul Kim

    We would also like the ability to change a workflow owner.

  • Rob Rimmer

    Correct.  For us typically if we're doing one then we often need to do the other (employee leaves - we need to replace them both in the sharing settings role as well as in any active workflow they were in).  Having this be a single operation would be welcomed.



  • Stacy Chou

    Hi George, I was wondering if I could ask if there has been a solution to this situation yet? We are experiencing a similar issue where changing the Owner under Sharing Settings does not update to change the workflow owner. Could you please advise if there's anything I could do? Thank you!

  • Manish Kumar

    Hi George:


    Has this been taken into consideration yet? Bulk update of workflow owner, Workflow task etc.?

  • Shermin Ho

    Any updates on this?


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