Are Physical Attachments Supported in CRM Approved Email?

In Approved Emails the regulatory team have asked for PI to be included as a "real" attachment rather than the Veeva-designed "expanded URL link to landing page" approach.

I'm not sure there is any method to do that - has anyone else been asked to achieve a similar solution?


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    Arpad Laczkovszki Official comment

    Hi James,

    Physical attachments are not supported in Approved Email as it would not be possible for you to control when these files expire for example. Once they are sent out, they would always be accessible in the email as opposed to the Vault controlled links that would make sure that when the recipient clicks on them, they would only be allowed to view approved content.

    If you would like to reference documents outside of Vault, you can do so by directly embedding the link in your Email Template (for example: <a href='https://www.my-site.com/my-file.pdf'>Download</a>, or using our token logic to pull the URL value from a field in CRM (for example: <a href='{{Account.My_URL__c}}'>Download</a>

    Hope this helps, let me know in case of any further questions.


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    Nishant Bafna

    Hi James,

    In addition to what Arpad has mentioned - Attachments also have size limits and are prone of getting caught in spam filters, more so from unknown senders. Attachments cannot be tracked, whereas content served via links are trackable (number of times the content was viewed, downloaded, what device, client was used to view the content etc).


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    James Harper

    Thanks guys - will feedback to the team

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