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Enhancement in Reverting the Configuration mover changes



  • Official comment
    Leo Lau

    Hi Yuvi,

    Currently, there's no way to revert other than to manually delete. The best practice would be to test the configuration migration package in a sandbox / test environment first to make sure everything works before deploying to production. I can understand that there could still be unforeseen errors. We will take the request under advisement and look to provide a feature that could assist in this requirement.



  • Yuvaprakash Thulasimani

    Hi Leo,


    Thanks for your prompt Feedback! Yes it would be very grateful and reliable once this kind of Enhancement is available.


    For now, we will try to test the packages in two environments and will test it. But though you know when it comes to Production we needs to be extra careful in the actions what we are performing and in this case we are still feeling certain improvements in the areas where we can easily revert the changes in case of any crisis.


    We will be waiting for your update on this! Thanks a lot once again!






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