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    Rolando Sa

    Hello Jonathan,

    Thank for the feedback. As you mention, the Submissions Archive Viewer does not provide a mechanism to "expand all" however, you can "expand sections". This option will expand the subsections until a document is encountered in the outline. When you expand the specific section that contains leaf documents, we are calculating the current view for the section based on the submissions filtered and the individual leaf operations.

    We are looking at enhancements to the review capabilities and will take this enhancement request into consideration.

    Best regards,



  • Ronald Hernando

    Hi Ro,

    I agree with Jonathan that an expand all (at least on a module by module basis) would be helpful. I realize that this was probably not implemented because the performance threshold has not been met to satisfy Veeva, but this is one trade off that I think would be more beneficial to users. Going even further, a lot of viewers will allow for a toggle feature to view/hide specific modules. Please consider for the future release of Submission Archive. 


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