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A separate Cart for each document view


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    Adam McMillan

    Hey Gary,

    I think you would have more success filtering by Doc Type and creating some Saved Views to help track these specific documents, or using using the Favorites star to mark the ones you want to track, and explore with your Vault Owner the possibility of having different tabs for specific Doc Types (then you can access the Tab specific to a doc type, click on Favorites, and see your list of tracked favorites).

    A little more about Cart vs Favorites
    The primary reason to add documents to your Cart is to action them in some way (downloading files, or bulk actioning the documents). Once you are done actioning your selected documents, you can then empty your Cart (in the future we hope to be able to let you save several "Lists" from your Cart, but for now, take advantage of the "Add to Binder" bulk action, which lets you either create brand new binder of those selected documents, or add them to an existing binder).

    Marking a document as a Favorite, however, is more useful for keeping track of this document over time. You also have the added benefit of being notified when changes are made to these watched documents.

    Note: when accessing your Favorites, check the Tab that you're on, as the list of Favorite Documents will be filtered by the doc type specific to that Tab. In Cart, however, you will see all your selected documents regardless of doc type. There are no plans to make the Cart doc type specific.



    I hope this helps give you some extra context to these features!

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