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Multiple Send as Link Action in Cart or Elsewhere




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    Adam McMillan

    Hey Craig,

    Thank you for this use case. I have a couple of questions for you, so that I may better understand your request.

    1) Which app do you primarily use? e.g. PromoMats, MedComms, QualityDocs, Submissions, etc.

    2) Would these individuals be vault users, or external to the system?

    3) Do you see this as a way to perform a bulk "Send as Link" action?

    4) Regarding the related documents, there could be any number of Document Relationship Types associated with any given Doc Type. Which relationship types would you expect the recipient to also get links for?

    Using the Send as Link functionality, the recipient is assigned a temporary viewer role on the document, for the selected time period of that link.
    Would you foresee any security concerns with bulk applying viewer access to many documents at once, including all their related pieces?

    Thank you for any extra information you can provide.

  • Ted Trost

    I was just mentioning the need for this ability to a colleague this morning.

  • Craig Gassman

    Hi Adam -

    1) Submission Vault and QualityDocs

    2) Potentially a mix, but mostly vault users

    3) That would be fine to include as a bulk action, but in most cases its probably 4-8 documents that require a 'send as link' action that a user would not be able to quickly slim down using filtering (unless this was possible in the Cart)

    4) Related documents comment taken out of context - these are not necessarily documents with 'system' associations or attachments within our vaults, per se, but 'related' to a document review in question. Perhaps an option to allow the link recipient read-only access to any associated document relationships as well.  

  • Adam McMillan

    Thank you, Craig.

    I have heard from other customers as well about wanting a way to do a bulk action of the "Send as Link" functionality from Cart, so I'll get this onto our backlog. There are no immediate plans for this, but because Cart is so new, we are actively gathering feedback about how our different App customers are using this area, and what new functions would be most useful for them, so thank you for the input!

    There is no filtering capability in Cart itself (new redesign coming soon in 17R1, which strips out everything but the ability to download, perform bulk actions, or remove items from Cart), but the Cart is in itself a way of doing that filtering. I agree that Send as Link in bulk would be a great feature to have quick access to from Cart.


    The related documents use case is a bit trickier. Only in that we really can't subvert the purposeful security of the system, just because a user has been given access to a doc that references another. However, this is also a discussion point internally, as when you share something like a Binder, you don't automatically get view access to the docs referenced within the binder. But perhaps there's a feature in that.

    Thank you for this feedback.

  • Pavol Lim

    Hi Adam,

    please what is the status of this proposal? Is it possible to sent multiple documents via send as link/bulk action?


    Thank you,


  • Adam McMillan

    Hello Pavol,

    This is still an item in the backlog, not officially on our 12-24month roadmap yet. When the Multi-document Workflow feature was released in 19R1, however, we did include the ability to start a new Multi-documentWorkflow straight from cart:


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