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Default to Rendition document and not the Source File



  • Randy Hodge

    Olivier - Can you please clarify the request? When would an Editor rather see a rendition rather than the source file...*downloading* the document or *viewing* the document in the DocInfo page?

    Thank you,

    Randy Hodge, Vault Platform Product Management

  • Olivier Melis

    HI Randy,  I was looking at the document view itself.  When you see the Source File and the Viewable Rendition it would be great that the default be Viewable rendition when clicking and not the source file.  Especially for Document Users, as they print the source file and not the viewable rendition.  This is from Audit findings.  Can the default for the button shown below be the rendition and not the source.

  • Randy Hodge

    Hi Olivier -'re asking for the ability to configure the default *download* behavior when viewing a document in the DocInfo page. Thanks for the clarification. A couple of questions...

    1. How about when viewing a list of document in the Library?  That same button appears...would you want the configuration to apply there as well?
    2. This configuration would likely have to be done at the Vault level. Would that suffice...or would you expect it to somehow be configurable at the user or role level?

    -- Randy

  • Olivier Melis

    Hi Randy, when users click on that icon, the first thing that opens is the source file.  as it does not have the overlaty, and has caused us deviation for using a document with no overlay.  We would like that if you click on the icon, if first opens the rendition.  If you need truly the source file, then you would need to click on the icon and choose the source.


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