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SubmissionArchive Viewer - Navigation Requests



  • Official comment
    Uri Reich


    Thanks for the enhancement suggestions. I'll respond to each one in order:

    • Indeed, Expand All was removed due to performance concerns. As we have made more improvements in our Viewer performance over the past couple of releases, it is something that we can re-consider now. Expand Module is also something that we will look at, either as an alternative or as an additional option.
    • We can consider a 'Module Filter' for a future release. 
    • We are exploring several navigation improvements for the Viewer in conjunction with viewing documents. 
    • I'm not sure I fully understand this one - what are you referring to with respect to 'Mixed View'? The historical lifecycle of the document is available within our viewer by clicking on the lifecycle icon. 
    • Good suggestion. We will definitely consider for a future release.


  • Ronald Hernando

    Thanks Uri. 

    With regards to:

    • Add Historical Lifecycle of the Document when viewing the file in Mixed View so we can view the lifecycle of that particular document easily.

    The Historical Lifecycle is available within the viewer, but it goes away when you're just viewing the file.


    It would be great if that was still accessible via the mixed view so you can still get the lifecycle of the document without having to navigate back to the backbone TOC.


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