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URL format to go directly to a document's steady state




  • Steve Harper

    Hi Kevin - this is something we have been investigating. We will let you know when we have it scheduled for a release.

  • Kevin O'Brien

    Thanks for the quick reply, Steve.

  • Heather Goldinger

    Hi Steve!  This is very similar to a request we submitted earlier.  I agree with Kevin and would like to see this request included by version 19.  It would resolve many issues our users report for support.


    Thank you!


    Heather Goldinger

    Roche Diagnostics

  • Olivier Melis

    Hi Kevin, we made the same requests as it is causing confusion for the users with more rights that Read-only.

  • Jeremy Freeman

    Was anything ever done with this? A lot of our users are editors of a lot of documents by default. When they click a link in the Library to a document, they will by default see the most recent draft version. We would like them to see the steady state version as default if possible.

  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Jeremy,

    We added a feature for this a few releases ago, sorry this thread wasn't updated! Please let me know if it's what you're looking for:

    There are lots of different combos of parameters you can add to get to exactly the version you want to see.

    Hope this helps!

  • Michel Van Nyvel

    Hi Adam,

    I'm not sure this is solves the issue Jeremy is referring too.

    The enhancement requested is within the Vault system - in library - as he indicates  "When they click a link in the Library to a document, they will by default see the most recent draft version. We would like them to see the steady state version as default if possible."

    We would like to have the same for our users, when clicking a document in the Vault Library, they get to the steady state version instead of the latest available version. This to avoid that they are using a wrong version of a document (eg a draft SOP instead of the effective one)

  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Michel, thank you for clarifying that. 

    I understand the request, but I wonder why you would put a user in a role that can see non steady state documents if your worry is that they will potentially view/use/download the wrong version of the document? Rather than having a widely impactful feature that changes how you navigate to documents from the Library, wouldn't it be better to just make sure the user only sees the versions they should be seeing? That is the way most of our customers manage this situation today.

  • Michel Van Nyvel

    Hi Adam,

    We have users that have a consumer role (read-only) - no problem for them they can only see the steady state version.

    And we have users that are document user (contributor). They use the system to work on documents, but also to search for documents.

    So when searching for documents, when a new version of a doc is available, they will see f.e. the draft version - which could lead to misunderstanding.

    I understand that behavior for users will need to change - additional clicks to see the latest version, but I think it's worthwhile comparing to the risk of using a non-effective document.

    It would be great to get feedback from Heather Goldinger and Jeremy Freeman concerning this. :-)

  • Adam McMillan

    All very fair points, thanks Michel. I've been talking to Veevans internally too, and there is interest in having some kind of defaulting behavior to see Steady State by default in Library view, rather than Latest Version.

    The way people have been getting around this to some degree today is making sure the Document Version filter is set up on the Base document level in admin:

    Which means on every doc tab, I will see this filter, and be able to select "Steady State Only"

    I wonder if that would be a useful configuration for you guys to have?

    And the thing I can look into for the future would be a way to have that checked by default, perhaps?

  • Michel Van Nyvel

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Having the "steady state only" checked by default....not sure if this is will do the job. As I see one side effect of this one.

    When a new document 0.x is created, it will not appear in the library when steady state only is checked. The assumption people will make is that the document doesn't exist or is lost and they start creating a new document (I'm sure they will be confused). I know contradictory of what I said in previous posts

    Ideally, the library should show steady state when availalble and 0.x verions when no steady state is available.
    Of course also with a risk that people start using the 0.x version.

    A solution could be that there is a diagonal watermark on the rendition when you are viewing the document in Quality Docs, when the status is different from steady state.



  • Adam McMillan

    Thanks Michel. Yes, overlays viewable within the doc viewer has been posited before, and it's on our enhancements backlog for sure.

    You raise a good point about new, 0.1 docs not showing up if that filter is applied. This is all good information, and I'll discuss it with the PM this week or next, and post a reply here (or they will!)

    Thank you

  • peeyush kumar

    Is there any way by which we can by pass Login Page, which comes when user access Document URL


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