Improvement for Upload of Base64 encoded User Detail Photos needed

I recently needed to upload User Detail (User_Detail_vod__c) records for a whole country including user pictures encoded in Base64. Therefor I received all the pictures as JPG (with correct dimensions of 160 x 120).

It turned out to be really a complex process to get these into the system.

First issue was that I needed to write some code to encode all of them in Base64 and to receive a CSV file containing the codes.

When trying to map the Veeva User IDs to the files/codes I was facing another issue:

This CSV file can't be edited then in MS Excel because the Base64 codes can easily exceed the character limit of an Excel cell (32767 characters). This means that the codes are cut off when opening the document or when importing the data into Excel.

In the end I needed to utilize LibreOffice which has a higher cell limit, but it is not really a good alternative when working with a large amount of data (low performance). Also not sure if all possible codes fit into this limit.


For an IT skilled person this might be manageable with some effort, but it is really awkward.

Either end-users should be able to upload their photos themselves or a business/delegated admin should be able to do for them in bulk (without having deep IT skills).


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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Norman,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    As you mentioned, it is indeed possible for the end user to upload a photo for themselves from Veeva CRM for iPad. Once configured, user will be able to access the My Profile tab under the Settings tab on Homepage. Users have two options - either to upload an image from their gallery or take a picture and use it as their photo.


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    Norman Gerber

    Yes, but the users can do it only from the iPad ... how does it work from Windows tablet or the online version?

    Also from my experience usually business admins want to upload professionally taken photos for the users as they will be visible for customers in Approved Email.

    The upload possibility for the end-user is not so important.

    But this process is currently not really supported.

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    Rick Sternquist

    Hi Norman,

    I agree with you 100%.  This process is the worst.  Totally unsupported by Veeva and a huge waste of time.



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