Manual numbering of Survey questions (re number the survey question )

When we create Survey questions, the survey questions are numbered automatically.

Now our requirement is that we should be able to number the Survey Questions manually, instead of automatic numbering by the system. Please allow manual numbering of questions instead of the system automatically numbering it.

Also, we would like an option to 'Bold/Highlight' some words in the Survey questions.

Thank you.


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    Stephanie Shaw

    Hi Pharisha,

    Thank you for your feedback.  Could you please let me know the business use case for manually numbering the Survey Questions?



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    Cheng Sun

    Hi Stephanie,

    Merck KgaA also raised the similar request, the business case is for certain survey question, it is divided into 2 parts: picklist & free comment, currently they put number in the questions, like 1.1, 1.2 which looks confusing with auto-numbering. 

    Thank you.


    Best regards


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