What is the maximum number of characters allowed in a Vault Anchor Selection?


I've noticed when selecting text from a reference document to create an anchor (under anchor selection not anchor name), I am limited by a certain amount of characters. Is this correct? Is there away around this? 


Thank you!


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    Jim McGough Official comment

    Hello An,

    You are correct. When selecting for the placement (placemark) of an anchor annotation, you are limited to selection of 200 words. The actual number of characters permitted can vary greatly, since the limit is enforced per word and not per character. There is currently no way to adjust this limit. Can you clarify how this limit might be negatively impacting your work or business practice?

    - jim

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    An Nguyen

    Thanks Jim,

    For example if I wanted to reference all texts under the "Results" section of a journal article, due to the word limit I'm unable to so I'd have to be more specific and only select text within the Results section that directly pertains to the data I want to cite, such as "Results - Adverse Events." I would prefer to be able to select all of the texts under the Results so that the person who is checking my work (for ex. a slide deck) against the reference document (the journal article) would have to read through the section in its entirety, this way they possibly are able to catch any data/information in that reference section that should have been stated in the slide deck. I hope that makes sense.




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