What are suggestions for handling the customer release on top of a Veeva Upgrade release?

Hi Experts, I wanted to get in your thoughts on how the customer release is handled on top of Veeva Upgrades. For example, Veeva Upgrade is something planned every 4 months. Want to get in your experience of how you people are pushing the customer release in between the whole 3 releases of Veeva


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    Jordan Y Official comment


    Although release windows may differ between PODs, making a release go public typically involves the same steps, including but not limited to:

         1Pre-release vaults becoming available

         2Validation package available on VeevaDocs

         3Preview webinars

         4. Release to all PODs

         5. Release to all general release EDC vaults

    (Example taken from the 17R3 Release)

    Please refer to our Help Documentation for the most up-to-date information on how Vault releases are made public.


    Kind regards,


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    Arunkumar Shanmugam

    Hi Jordan, Yes, this s some information which I am aware very well. I was expecting some best practices in handling the customer release during the Veeva releases from different people and to understand is there any issues or disadvantages faced

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    Jordan Y

    Hi Arunkumar,


    For information on Best Practices surrounding Vault customer releases, please reach out to your Program Manager. 


    Kind regards,


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