How to Retrieve the value of a specificfield of a specific Vault document Using REST API?


In the REST API, how can I get the value of a specific document field (say, major_version_number__v) for a specific document (identified by a document ID)?



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    Patrick McMahon Official comment

    Hi Raph,

    You have a few different options to retrieve specific document metadata. 

    1. Retrieving a document by using the GET endpoint in a REST Client: http://{dns}/api/{version}/objects/documents/{doc_id} (API Documentation)
    2. Specific document query using query syntax: http://{dns}/api/{version}/query?q=SELECT major_version_number__v FROM documents WHERE id = '{doc_id}' (API Query Documentation

    Either option will allow you to retrieve metadata for specific documents.


    Patrick McMahon

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