What Outbound Firewall Ports Need to be Open to Allow Connections to Vault?

I've searched through the help and knowledge base but can't find a clear answer. 

What firewall outbound network ports need to be open to allow users to connect to Veeva Vault?



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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Tim,

    Here is an article soon to be published and also the FTP ports following below.



    With the migration to AWS which port needs to be open on a firewall? 


    Port: 443 
    Protocol: tcp 
    Service: HTTPS

    Link to KB Article:  Error: Connection refused by server Unable to Connect to FTP site using Vault

    Also to use FTP, ensure that the outbound ports within the range of 56000 - 56100 are open in the firewall settings to allow for FTP connection.

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