Can the same User Name be used in both Sandbox and Production environments?

Hi All,


Salesforce does notallow duplicate usernames, but we can have the same user name in production and sandbox if we want.

Production and Sandbox are Different server sets. The user duplication is not allowed on the production server set or on the sandbox server set. The two are not referenced to each other though because of the sandbox copy. It is expected that an system admin or user would want the same username for sandbox. 


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    Kent Z

    Hi Madhu,

    Salesforce will not allow the same username duplicated in any environment. This is by design.



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    Madhu Navuluri

    HI Kent,

     Thank you very much for your attention on this.

    Can you please try it once? (because we tried and it is working). I can have the same username in production and sandbox.


    Here the important thing is you should not have the same name in another production or another sandbox.



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    Sean X

    Hi Madhu,

    I asked SFDC before, they mentioned that they will fix this in future to not allow the same username duplicated in any environment. But currently, there is no ETA for it.

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