Is there a common API to fetch data for a particular plan in MyInsights?


We want to fetch Stakeholder and Tactics details for Account Plans, but we do not see a common API which can be used to fetch data for a particular plan.

We were told that it is possible to go from a look-up field to the information in the underlying record (e.g. in reporting or when writing triggers).

Is it possible that Veeva did not foresee this for MyInsights. If this is the case, it means that for information we want to obtain from the underlying record, we would have to foresee a field with the information populated within that field (e.g. the name of the account). Please help me to get links (mean - common API/Method) between objects. Thanks in advance.

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    Arpad Laczkovszki


    You can use the runQuery method of the MyInsights v2.0 Javascript library and its 'where' parameter to specify a WHERE clause, that will return records for an object based on your criteria.
    In your case this would look something like below:

    ds.runQuery(queryConfig) {

    tactics: {
    object: 'Account_Tactic_vod__c',
    fields: ['ID', 'Description_vod__c', 'Complete_vod__c'],
    where: 'Account_Plan_vod__c=<18 digit Salesforce ID of your Account Plan> '

    Hope this helps, please consult our MyInsights developer site for further examples.


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