Screen aspect ratio when building content for CRM CLM both iPad and Windows 8 and 10


Following the CLM content creation guidelines document, when building content for iPad and Windows 8 or 10, the content builder need to have as one of the primary considerations the different screen resolutions/browsers. So, based on this, do the content creators need to have the aspect ratios also in mind, or just if there's need to migrate content that has been already created for iPad?



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    Jeff R


    Typically images are created using a 4:3 aspect ratio on CRM for iPad. Windows 8 devices typically use a 16:9 aspect ratio. Surface devices use a 3:2 aspect ratio. Images in 4:3 aspect ratio display with black bars on the right and left side. No changes are required but content can be adjusted to fit the specific ratio to display no black bars.


    Jeff R

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