Would like to Export users in a group to a CSV or Text file

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  • We usually take the list of users in a CSV file from the Admin Tab.
    The request if to have an option to take the list of users in a Group as a Text or csv file.
    We would like to have this setup for groups so that we can export users in a specific group to a CSV. That would be beneficial especially at the yearly user review.



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    Paul Kim

    This enhancement will be beneficial for us too. I would like this ability to easily grab the email addresses for everyone in the group to send them a notice.  Even better would be the ability to email everyone in a group from the list of groups level.

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    Graham G

    Hi Paul and Bharani - thanks for the feedback. User and Group reports which can then be exported to CSV will likely be available in our 18R2 or 18R3 release.

    Regards, Graham

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