Medical Inquiry Audit Object - different than standard audits

Hello there

Are there any users of the above object. It has strange rules: 

Firstly, audit records are only generated after the 1st Submit action – saving does not create any record. However, after the 1st submission, every other actions (unlocks, saved states etc) are tracked (except that is doesn't even record the creator of the Medical Inquiry record :-O)  The other key point is that the Previous State is saved on the audit record whilst the Current State is shown on the record itself – in other words, the audit record is one step behind so to speak.

This clearly misleading as a true audit! Can someone suggest how we can overcome this?

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    Jeff R Official comment

    Hi Jonathan,

    Medical Inquiry Audit is a read-only object maintained by the Medical_Inquiry_To_Audit_vod trigger on Medical_Inquiry_vod that stores audit history of updates and deletions of Medical Inquiry records. A row is created here only if a Medical Inquiry has been updated or deleted - an audit record does not get created upon creation of a Medical Inquiry.

    The audit only tracks updates and deletes after the Medical Inquiry was submitted. It also does not hold the current status of the Medical Inquiry.

    You would have to customize the VOD_MEDICAL_INQUIRY_TO_AUDIT trigger on the Medical Inquiry object so it audits on saving and copies the current version. Please reach out to Veeva Services for assistance customizing this trigger if needed.


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