What is the difference between PromoMats and PromoMats DAM?

Hi Team,


Can you please share the differences between the existing product Veeva Vault PromoMats with the new edition PromoMats DAM .

We have referred the below links already in the Veeva site:





Can you please throw some more light on the key differentiators of PromoMats and PromoMats DAM (mainly UI features)?   Can we raise a request to have the DAM features implemented in our Sandbox environments?


What are the new UI features which will be available on having the DAM edition implemented in our systems and what are the benefits the client can experience after it is being implemented in sandbox environments?

 Can you also let us know any other tutorial or webinars explaining the new DAM features in UI? 



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    Adam McMillan Official comment

    Thank you for your question, Santen team!

    As you know, Vault PromoMats historically concerned itself more with the review and approval of the finished artifact; the final design, which consists of a number of reusable components (stock photography, company logos, proprietary artwork), along with messaging and designs that may be unique to that piece. Veeva's initial announcement in June 2016 stated that we "will now offer two options for managing commercial content – Veeva Vault PromoMats and Vault PromoMats DAM Edition", with DAM-specific features like a Brand Portal (for serving up the latest and greatest branded assets for your agencies) and Cart (to easily collect and action a sub-set of assets).

    We have since revisited that strategy, and I will echo now what was announced in January 2017, and re-emphasized at the Commercial Summit just earlier this month in Philadelphia: all our DAM features are available in Vault PromoMats by default, at no extra cost. There is no separate DAM product, as we have now focused our efforts into making Vault PromoMats a full asset and content management solution.

    Vault PromoMats customers can look forward to further enhancements driven by this new focus. This will mean driving changes to the Vault platform, such as enhanced video review capabilities, and related document management, along with specialized features just for PromoMats, such as the idea of a Content Server (a separately licensed way to publish approved assets and composites directly from Vault via URLs), or views and downloads reporting.

    Re: enabling in sandbox
    Most of our current DAM-focused features should already be enabled, such as Bulk Add to Binder, Cart, RAW file support, and metadata extraction, and as new DAM features become available, all PromoMats customers will benefit from these.

    Re: tutorials or webinars
    Whenever we release new features, we hold customer webinars to give an overview of these, and we also hold deep dive sessions to look at new features in more detail. Please reach out to your customer success manager for further information on where to access any recordings we may have of these sessions.

    I hope this has been useful! Thank you for your post.

    Adam McMillan
    Product Manager, Vault PromoMats

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    Santen Vault Support

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for sharing these details. It was really useful. 

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    Mary P

    I want to add that any webinars added to the Support Portal regarding Veeva Products are listed in Knowledge Collection (KC) articles.  Here is the link to the Veeva Support Knowledge Collection Reference Guide.  Customers may bookmark this article and refresh each KC periodically to see if there are updates to the list of webinars.  Hope that helps.

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