Ability to Edit a Saved View when it contains the 'Any of these words' filter criteria

Here's an example of what I am trying to accomplish:

1) Click on Advanced Search
2) Select Document Type, Product and type in the following into the 'Any of these words' field: support, rebate, voucher, "prior authorization"
3) Save the View and Share with Users
4) Receive a request to add additional key words into the 'Any of these words' criteria: DAW so I click on the saved View.
5) After the view runs I click on the binoculars and all of the fields are blank. It's like I started a whole new search.

Note: If I remove the search for filter (by clicking on the x) and then click on the binoculars it keeps the other two filters (document type and product).

I'm unable to save the view as the same name (creates a duplicate).  This causes me to have to create new views, re-share with users (and have them add to their views) and then remove the old views.

Hope this makes sense.  Please let me know if further clarification is needed.


Megan Garrelts


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