Is there a way to force autonaming of documents to include Vault TMF RM hierarchy numbers?

Is there a way to force all uploaded and classified documents to automatically inherit the TMF RM Zone, Section and Artifact number? eg: Notification of Regulatory Identification Number will be classified under 03.01.03 and therefore force the Name as "03.01.03- XYZdocumentname" 

Is there a way to force this type of naming convention for Binder Placeholders too?


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    Hi Eugenia,


    Did you ever figure this out?

    Appreciate if you could share your findings as we have a similar request.



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    Yvonne Hsieh

    Hi Eugenia,

    You can set up the value at "Admin > Document Type > Document Name Format > Use Custom Format" to include the reference number in the naming convention. Hope it helps. Thanks!

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