Add Name_vod as column on Call Objectives in Tactics


I'm checking that on the related list Call objectives of the related list of Account Tactics in Tactic (Visualforce page), is only appearing the Name field (record number) when would be also useful for the end user to have the field Name_vod (like call objective title).

When checking the related list in the account Tactic this information is displayed:

But on the previous page isn't (which is a visualforce page).

For the user, having the Name / Record ID isn't a very friendly way to navigate through the tactics, and would be useful to have at least some reference of the call objective (could be the Name_vod field / Call objective Title).

I don't know if the product team has this under-radar and / or in the road-map to be improved. Nevertheless, in my opinion this might be a small detail but very important one for the customer.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


Rui Vieira


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