Getting around the issue with inability to Access Documents in an Exported Vault Report in Microsoft Excel by Clicking the Associated Hyperlink

See the article here: https://support.veeva.com/hc/en-us/articles/216008017

I submitted a support case and was told this issue will not be resolved with an update to Vault to remove the '#' from URLs.

Has anyone been able to get around this? Registry updates were mentioned, and while I am curious as to what those are, that is not a viable solution if they need to be deployed to end user machines.


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    Aaron E Official comment

    To review this issue, Vault links do still utilize Hash URLs. Some versions of MS Office support them and some still break the links.

    One option is to right-click the link --> select Edit Hyperlink --> Copy the URL --> paste into a browser.

    If many links are to be used it may be worth the effort to try the workaround of adding a column with the function =HYPERLINK(ENCODEURL(row's link cell reference),"Click to open link")


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    Kevin O'Brien

    Hey Daryn, long time, no talk!

    Great topic.  This has been a thorn in my side for years.  Unfortunately, it is a Microsoft issue, but one that wasn't consistent from user to user here at Zoetis.  We went as far as comparing Office binaries and Windows builds/images and couldn't isolate it.  It's supposedly fixed in newer versions of Office.  I'm now on Office 2016 and it works fine, but I never had the issue to begin with, so I can't confirm whether that's a fix.  We never went down the registry path... that wasn't attractive to us either.

    That said, I believe the quickest, although not ideal, workaround that we suggest to users here is to save the Office doc as a PDF.  I haven't tried it in a while, so maybe my memory is failing me, but I think this does the trick.  Because the PDF opens in a non-Office app, the URLs were launched accurately.

    We've also had users utilize an internal link shortener (similar to bit.ly or goo.gl) for fairly-static URLs that they want to embed in Office docs.  That takes the Office issue out of play as well.

    I'm interested to hear of other workarounds as well if someone's come up with something good.


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    Daryn Berger

    Thanks Kevin...amazing to hear from you!

    Thanks for those suggestions. Registry updates is an untenable solution for us as well, so we're exploring work arounds at this point. We've asked Veeva Managed Services to see what other clients have done, so I'll update this thread as we find anything out.

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