Why are there Miscalculations in CRM Cycle Plan Actual Calls?

Having reviewed cycle plan attainments for users I found that within the same cycle plan multiple accounts where calculated wrong in terms of number of actual calls within the cycle plan period.

CP was set to active on 1.1.17 (end Date 30.6.17) and in multiple accounts only 1 of 2 or more calls where included in Actual Calls? e.g. 2 almost identical calls - 1 done in March and 1 done early June - only 1 is included in the CP? 

Is there a way where I can see the ID/call name of the calls included in the Actual Calls Calculation? 

Can I re-calculate Actual Calls for a cycle plan (and even an inactive CP?)



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    Stephanie Shaw Official comment

    Hi René,

    Thank you for your question.  Could you please log a Support ticket so that it can be investigated?


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    EVER CRM Admin (Stefan Thaler)

    Hi Rene,

    There are diffrent logics how and when calls are considert in the CP calculation (Call territory, which status of the calls are calculated, etc...). What I did not know for a long time - you can customize this query, but therefore you need some technical support from your implementation partner (maybe VEEVA). As hint you could also read this: https://crmhelp.veeva.com/doc/Content/CRM_topics/Scheduling_Planning/Cycle_Plans/ClassicCyclePlans/Cycle_Plan_Batch_Process.htm

     We fitted the query according the description in VEEVA Help to our riqurements and it works perfectly now. If you consider changes on the batch job, you also should consider the same changes for the VEEVA realtime calculation, if you use this as well (this are 2 diffrent places, where you need to change the settings).



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    René Jørgensen

    Thank you Stefan

    Very helpful info! I have checked now and batch is enabled. Thanks


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