Is Veeva CRM V17R2 Account Plan Dashboard Online available and working for anyone?

I have configured the KAM dashboard from Veeva Online in our sandbox but when I click on View Dashboard button from an Account Plan record, it shows blank screen/grey screen from Windows 10 and 404 Error in Windows 8.I have created a new HTML Report record with Account_Plan_vod record type and uploaded the out-of-the-box KAM dashboard zip file which is provided by Veeva in the link http://developer.veevacrm.com/docs/reports/#html-reports . As per Veeva, the newer reports with the issue fixed will be available with the release of the version 17R2. As per my knowledge, 17R2 is already available in sandboxes. Is the online KAM dashboard working for anyone? If so, it would be great if you can share which zip file you have used. 


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    Cindy Chiang Official comment

    Hi Peter,

    The newest version of the Account Plan dashboard will be available with the production release of 17R2, but you shouldn't need the newest version of the Account Plan dashboard for the online entry point to work.   Have you confirmed that the report displays from the iPad or Windows CRM?  What you are describing sounds like it could be that your user doesn't have the required FLS to the objects and fields that the report needs.  Have you tried loading up a basic html file just to make sure that the rest of the online configuration is correct?

    If these ideas don't help you figure it out, please open a case with Veeva Support so that they can help look into it.



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    Peter Lim

    I would appreciate it if anyone is able to help me. Thanks.

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    Peter Lim

    I have tried with the newest Out-of-the-box report from the Veeva documentation and it works now!! Thank you so much for your kind help:-)

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