Can reps see Veeva Calendars if assigned against the same Territory in CRM?

Dear Veeva Community,

Just a quick question.

Can reps see each other’s Veeva calendars if assigned against the same territory? If so then does it mean they can see each other calls and other activities/interactions?

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    Kent Z Official comment

    Hi SAK,


    User calendar sharing is not based on Role or Territory hierarchies. The Calendar Sharing Menu has a lookup to the User object and access to individual Users is based on standard security to the User object. 

    Users can overlay another user's CRM calendar activities with their own calendar activities in My Schedule.  This feature's Calendar Sharing Menu provides the ability to search for all users the logged-in user has access to.

    This menu also stores the last ten calendars viewed and provides managers with quick access to calendars for users in Territories below the manager's Territory. The individual activities shared are based on standard object level security and all shared calendar activities display as read-only.

    Directions on Calendar Sharing can be located Here.



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