'No (viewable) rendition' filter

It would be helpful to have a filter available, in document library and/or reports.

This would support deviating process between documents with and without a viewable rendition.

In our case source documents of steady state documents cannot be downloaded by viewers and consumers due to compliance risks. When a document cannot be rendered in Veeva this would result in not downloaded documents when performing a cart download or binder export. By identifying these documents easily in a view we can take the necessary actions on these documents. A filter which indicates if a viewable rendition is available or not can help in setting up this view. Currently we try to get this view through a report, using the file format, which also causes issues since selecting the unknown file format does not result with those documents in the overview.


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    Krishna Kant Saraswat

    I agree, this would be a nice to have feature. Currently, there is no easy way to identify any documents that have failed rendition during large migrations.

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    Durga Prasad Chinta

    Is this filter available in Veeva now. 

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    Adam McMillan

    Hey guys,

    This is on my list. We have a big planning session coming up, so I can raise this again as a delighter that would be very useful.

    Thanks for bumping the thread.

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    Bram Seigers

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the update, good to see that this is on the radar.
    As an addition it would be helpfull to also drive security using this field using DAC.

    Likely this will be depending on how the field can be added, since Veeva fields are normally added as system fields, thus unuseable as field for DAC or to drive field constraints.

    Just having the field would be great and would solve a lot for us, the driving security part is more needed as a shortcoming of our current security setup.

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    Adam McMillan

    Hey Bram

    Re: Veeva fields are normally added as system fields, thus unuseable as field for DAC or to drive field constraints
    Actually that shouldn't be a problem. Vault pairs the object field to the document field based on the field name (excluding suffix), not label, for example, product__v document field and product__c object field. (see here)

    The bigger limitation is that the only fields on the User Role Setup object that will match to document fields are Object Reference fields, and Picklist fields. A field that dynamically displayed Yes or No depending on the presence of a Viewable Rendition would not be able to be used in Dynamic Access Control (DAC).

    I will bring this up as a consideration when thinking about the implementation of this property. Thank you for the input

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