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Default field value should not return blank when document type is reclassified from other

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  • Randy Hodge

    Hello Yuvi - Thank you for the request. The reason default field values are not applied upon Reclassify is this...when you reclassify a document it has likely already gone through edits of content and metadata, and it has also probably gone through lifecycle states as well. So, we assume that the documents content and metadata should remain intact...even if it gets reclassified. We cannot assume that it is ok to change or apply new field values to a document that has gone through these types of activities. Thus, we do not apply field default values. Although it may seem unintuitive we believe this to be the best, conservative approach.  


    Randy Hodge, Vault Platform Product Management

  • Shire Marketing Services

    Hi Randy.

    How about defaulting a field that has no value?  We have a Shared Field that is used by a couple of doc types.  When a document is created in a document type that does not have the field, then it is reclassified into a document type that does have the field, the field should receive the default value.  We have this scenario, and it's causing problems because the field is not being populated with the default value.


  • Randy Hodge

    Hi Stephen - The same logic applies in the scenario you mention.  Vault opts not to assign defaults during reclassify because we cannot assume it's ok to apply new field values...even if the document did not previously have the field.  Vault will stick with this conservative approach into the foreseeable future.  Thanks, Randy

  • Yuvaprakash Thulasimani

    Hi Randy,


    Thanks for your feedback! and sorry for the delayed response.


    Actually we are looking for the scenario of reclassifying the document entirely to new document Type. (Say for Example, from Reference type to Piece).


    If we are reclassifying to new document type, whatever the source document state may be, but the target will be DRAFT after reclassification with different fields). And we are thinking there is bug in the Veeva System, as it should place the default value for this kind of scenario.




  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Yuvi, thanks for following up.

    I think the simplest answer I can give is this: default values are only designed to auto-populate upon document creation. They do not populate in any other scenario (edit and save, create draft, check in, reclassify, etc.)

    As per Randy's comments before, throughout the Vault platform, we tend to favor a conservative approach, and do not want to overwrite existing values with new defaults, even in the case you're describing. I feel like if there was a "reset to default values" option, that could be useful. But that would have to be considered as a future enhancement.

    Does that make sense to you?

  • Peter Stroffolino

    To further explain this issue:  If a user uploads a document as unclassified then reclassifies to a Promotional Piece no default field values are applied.


  • Adam McMillan

    Hey Peter, in that scenario, I think we could safely apply the defaults. Thank you for the extra input, and I'll add this as a future enhancement.

  • Mary P

    UPDATE:  I am reposting the user's comments as he replied to the email notification which is a NOREPLY address.


    Hi Adam,


    Do you know if there is an enhancement plan for enabling "Reset to Default Values" feature in 18R2/R3?



  • Adam McMillan

    There's certainly a chance we can sneak this into R3, but I can't commit to that officially. I've raised it with my team to see if it's something small we can get in.

  • Adam McMillan

    Hello followers of this post,

    So, I did a bit of due diligence here, and I can confirm that actually in this scenario default values ARE applied:

    • Create an unclassified document (upload with no doc type)
    • Later, classify the document
    • Default values are applied



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