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Hide Annotate Button



  • Official comment
    Jim McGough

    Hi Aaron and Ted,

    There is actually no configuration option to disable annotation functionality in Vault; the core Annotate feature set is always available. (There are several configuration options within Annotate, such as the option to enable/disable creation of Link Annotations, and to enable/disable Bring Forward Annotations, etc.)

    It's possible that your configuration does not grant the "Annotate" permission (in Lifecycle State Security Settings) to your users, which means they cannot create or edit annotations. However, any user with "View Content" permission can still view annotations, which is why the Annotate button still appears to those users.

  • Ted Trost

    We have also diabled annotation, and would like to be able to hid the Annotate button.

  • Aaron Kemp

    Thanks Jim! Yeah, we would ideally like to hide the Annotation button. We have different Vaults for Regulatory and Quality, and only Regulatory uses annotations. Since the annotate button appears in both vaults, the Quality users get confused and frequently ask us for annotation permission. We currently handle this through training, so this is more of a "nice to have" request.

  • Ted Trost

    Hi, Jim.  Annotation is not a part of our process (we use PleaseReview for all commenting).  Users get confused by the Annotate button.  Therefore, users with the "View Content" permission see no annotations because there are no annotations, meaning that there is no need for the Annotation button for us.


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