eCRF setup in Vault eTMF

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We are trying to setup eCRF import in the Vault eTMF application.

As per the design - to enable the same the required fields does have a restriction - and in our case we have the "Description" document field (Standard Field) set as mandatory (required) which is blocking this configuration for eCRF. 

Is there any way we can override this with having the Description required and enabled eCRF?

Any other customer base has the same issue and use eCRF import succesfully with this kind of setup?

About Required Fields & CRF Import

When enabling CRF imports, verify that there are no required fields which apply to the selected document type that do not have default values. Vault cannot populate document fields during CRF imports unless they have default values, so required fields can prevent Vault from successfully creating documents.


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    Yvonne Hsieh

    Hi Manikandan,

    The system won't be able to create files when required fields are blank. Here's the suggested configuration: make Description field required on selected document types via field dependencies (instead of directly on document field). 

    Hope it helps. Thanks.

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