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We would like to be able to manage templates like other documents in the Vault. For example, we'd like to be able to review, approve, version, manage metadata etc. When the template is Approved/Effective, we'd want it to be able to use it as the template for new documents. Currently, we need to export the approved copy and re-import it to use it as a template.

Also, we get asked frequently what templates exist.  When asked, I used to be able to go to Admin-Templates/Document & Binders and get a full page of templates broken down by Base Document Type.  Now I just get a list, which I have to expand each doc type to see the templates.  In the past, I could take a screen shot and send it to the requestor.  Now I have to expand each doc type to see what exists and take many screen shots as I scroll through to show the requestor what we have.

If templates were treated like any other document, we'd be able to search and report on them easily.



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    Jim McGough Official comment

    Hi Everyone, 

    Thanks for the excellent guidance. We are currently in the design phase on improvements document template configuration, management and use that should address many of the issues / requests made here. Per the current direction we're taking, you'll be able to associate an approved Template Document to a template, and any documents created from that template would persist the relationship to that Template Document including its version (for auditing and reporting purposes). If the Template Document subsequently progresses to a new steady state version, any associated templates would automatically utilize the newer approved version when generating documents. No specific time table yet, but we are actively in the design phase on these types of enhancements.

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    Ted Trost

    Templates are key to the success of our authors, and managing those templates is critical. The suggestions made by Mr. Kemp would solve many issues we face when trying to manage our templates.  If those suggestions were implemented in a future release, I would add the need to capture the version number used to create each document.

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    Ronald Hernando

    I agree. Right now we have people authoring templates in Sandbox, and once its approved in Sandbox, I bring the approved template in Production in two locations. The first location is the Documents & Binders so that it is accessible to the general user to via the "Document from Template." The second location is a new Doc Type that I had to create called "Template Source Docs," which is restricted to only the author. If they need to update the template, they download and re-upload in Sandbox for editing.

    Why did we go this route? We didn't want the general user to be confused. If they see a "template" in the main Document library, they'll be confused between that and the "Document from Template" so we had to hide it via the "Template Source Docs" Doc Type. The general user doesn't usually go back to Sandbox, so template authors can freely author and revise templates in that environment without the fear of an unapproved template being used inappropriately. We also didn't author the templates under "Template Source Docs" because it got confusing for authors and approvers. By actually changing the authoring template location to Sandbox, that created enough of a separation, and we have less confusion. We attempted to author templates within Objects, but a lot of users were having a hard time grasping documents within Objects. They like Documents/Library, so I went with the path of least resistance.

    Ideally, we need a space to author templates that is restricted from view from the general user. The general user accesses the approved templates via "Document from Template," but template owners can also freely manage their templates with edit/review/approval without fear of unapproved templates being used prematurely.

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    Olivier Melis

    Hi, we have an API connection for when a template is made Effective it makes the template available for the users.  We have a specific Document Type and Lifecycle to manage templates.    it is very practical.

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