Complete a workflow whose owner has become inactive

When a user complete the last task of a workflow whose owner has become inactive after initiation, they get an error message (task "cannot be completed for document ... Workflow task assignee group must contain users").

It's now required to cancel the workflow and restart a new one. There should be a more elegant way of handling this situation that does not block the task assignee.


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    George Lee Official comment

    Hi Jackie and Karen,

    Thanks for your feedback.  We are aware of this issue.  We would like to extend the replace participant functionality to include the ability to replace the workflow initiator.  We don't have a release date for this feature but we hope to address it at some point.

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    Jackie Chuk

    Agreed, there should be the ability to reassign a workflow initiator...we have run into this problem a few times!

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    Karen Foster

    We have had the same problem.

    Agree that there should be a more efficient way to replace an inactive user as workflow owner with an active user without having to cancel.

    It would be helpful if there was an efficient way to replace all documents still owned by an inactive user with a new user and this would update all documents in one (including those with active workflows).

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    Paul Kim

    We have the same issue. It would be great if we could bulk replace the workflow owner.

    I saw a great suggestion for the system to prompt the admin with a warning message, when trying to deactivate a user, that the user is a workflow owner on active workflow or task owner on active task.

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    Balaji Natarajan

    Hi Lee,

    we are seeing the similar issue. did we implement the workflow initiator ?

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    Somnath Matere

    Dear George,

    Is there any roadmap when this feature will be live?




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