iPad Veeva CRM offline usage for users with too many accounts

Your company has probably invested in a good deal of content (CLM content, approved email, Vault (PromoMats/MedComms), etc.).  Your field management would typically login online  which does not allow access to the content (CLM, etc.) on the iPad.  The field management ability to effectively use the offline capabilities is restricted due to the number of accounts they can download.

The scenario I will use here is for a Regional Business Manager (RBM) and above.  This can also work for other field trainers, NAMs, MSLs, etc.

The primary goal: Give RBM simple solution to manage which accounts are seen offline for Veeva CRM iPad app

Benefits: RBM can use CLM offline to coach the reps, Coaching reports offline, custom object that are configured for use offline potentially could be used (*** this depends on your situation)

This approach leverages existing features of the Account List to allow the RBM to select/de-select the accounts that should appear offline.

Here is how it works.  Utilizing the Account List, Account List Item and the VMOC (VMobile Object Configuration), we create an account list specific to the Territory/Role that the RBM is assigned as well as ownership.  Each RBM would have their own Account List for their Region.  The VMOC is modified for the RBM profile to download only the selected accounts. Depending on your naming convention of the regions you may be able to simplify the VMOC to one entry.  Other VMOCs may be needed in your own cases.

That's all. 

Of course if you have sharing rules and other configurations you will need to dig in a bit more.  

Hope this helps folks expand the usage of the Veeva CRM iPad app to your RBMs and beyond.  

Thank you


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    Guy Galardi

    Forgot to mention one other part to this, your Inside Sales team or Telesales is a great candidate for this feature.  

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