Ship To Location "--None--" value

We enabled hospital sampling feature by adding Veeva's field "Ship To Location" to our call page layouts. This field displays names of affiliated organizations to select as ship to location, or it has first value "--None--" for selecting HCP address. The "--None--" is very confusing for business and end users and tend to ignore it. We would prefer it to be the "HCP Names" itself or at least replace it as status value "HCP Address".

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    Rajinder Kaur
    Thank you Alankar for reaching out to us. Can you please provide more information on the confusion part? Is it that they think there is no value available to select for Ship To Location field?
    The display of default value as "-None-" for Ship To Location field is consistent with standard Salesforce picklist behavior and our other Lookup picklist fields. e.g. Ship To Address. Ship To Address also display default value as "-None-". 
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