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How to Modify or Delete Anchors in Vault?




  • Official comment
    Jim McGough

    Hi An,

    I want to clarity that Annotate permission by itself does not grant ability to modify or delete anchors on a document. Anchor annotations are very narrowly controlled.

    1. Only the specific user who created an anchor annotation can modify or delete it. Even vault administrators do not have the ability to modify or delete another user's anchors.
    2. Anchor deletion is only possible when there are no inbound references to the anchor (e.g. when it is not in use; no links to it exist).
    3. Modification of an anchor annotation is limited to edit of the Anchor Name. Anchor annotations cannot be moved (revise coordinates in document) or brought forward (copied to new version).  

    We are looking at ways to (carefully) revise this, to make anchors more manageable by other users. But this work has not been committed or scheduled yet.

  • Randy Hodge

    Hi An - You probably want to confirm the following points with your Vault System Admin.

    • you do in fact have the Owner role on the document
    • understand the lifecycle assigned to your document and the current state of the document in that lifecycle
    • then...verify that the Owner role has Annotate permission for that lifecycle state

    If all of these are properly configured then you should be able to annotate your document. If they are properly configured and you still can't annotate the document...then it may be time for Veeva Support to take a look.  All the best,

    Randy Hodge, Vault Platform Product Management

  • An Nguyen

    Hi Randy

    So the Vault System Admin is the only one that can grant annotate permissions for a role?


    Thank you,


  • Randy Hodge

    Hello An - Typically yes.  The System Admin is responsible for configuring document lifecycles, including which roles can perform which actions for each state in a lifecycle.

    -- Randy

  • Arunkumar Shanmugam

    But still if it is to delete annotations the Lifecycle entry actions can be used to delete all annotations. Backdrop is you dnt have control to delete specific annotations.

  • Jim McGough

    Hi Arunkumar,

    Let me clarify that the LC entry action "Delete annotation comments" only deletes all NOTE annotations. It does not delete LINK or ANCHOR annotations.

    - jim

  • An Nguyen

    Hi all,

    Thanks for you responses. If I'm unable to contact my vault system admin on site, who may I contact to get additional support on this question? 

    I have already doubled checked that I am the owner of the document and that there is no inbound references to the anchor. 

  • Jim McGough

    Hi An,

    I just want to clarify something. I understand that you are the Owner of the document, and that there are no inbound references to the anchor (e.g. it is "empty"). However, only the specific user who created that anchor can delete it. Being the document Owner, or even a Vault administrator, does not grant you the ability to delete another user's anchor.

    If you are not able to get the creating user to delete the anchor for you, another recourse is to delete the viewable rendition and re-render the document, or download the viewable rendition before deleting it, and then upload it again as a new viewable rendition (instead of re-rendering). These steps will remove the empty anchor, along with any other annotations. 

    We are looking at ways to revise this functionality, to make anchors more manageable by other users. But this work has not been committed or scheduled yet.

    - jim


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