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It would be very helpful to be able to hide SubmissionsArchive documents from the document library.  We've explained that if the VV number starts with "VV-SA," the document is from the archive and cannot be edited, and we've created and shared a view excluding these documents. Despite this, we run into a problem with people using the wrong document on a nearly daily basis.


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    Uri Reich Official comment


    Thanks for the suggestion. Typically our answer here has been to create and share a view which excludes the Archive Documents, as you've done. Are people still using the wrong document because they aren't using the shared view?



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    Hilary Hafeken

    Hi Uri,

    Yes, that's the problem we're having.  We have several avenues of education for our users (i.e., emails, user group meetings, online newsletters), but the results have been inconsistent at best.


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    Ted Trost

    Hi, This is the same problem we're facing.

    Unfortunately, the default view presents both SA documents and documents intended for authoring/use in submissions.  

    Unless users are **IN** the Viewer, they do not expect to see SA documents.  Getting them to click a shared View every time is a great idea, but is too much for many users who just want to go in and search.

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    Uri Reich

    Hilary and Ted,

    I understand the issues your users are having with the Shared View. We'll look into other ways to exclude Archive Docs from the Library in a future release.



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