SubmissionArchive Enhancement - Have Saved Views that actually work

Currently the saved views in Viewer is useless. It saves the filters but it doesn't do anything as far as switching applications. 

For example, I have a "Save View" for IND 128xxx.


If I select another IND (for example, IND 116xxx) and save that as a view, it appears that I'm actually saving that view (including the application) but it doesn't. It just saves the filter. I'n the example below, I selected IND 116xxx, but it still shows IND 128xxx instead. 


You're in a Viewer application, so by NOT saving the Application Selector as part of the saved view defeats the purpose. There should be a way for users to save their applications instead of always selecting it from the Application Selector first.


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    Uri Reich Official comment

    Ron and Ted,

    Thanks for the feedback. We are looking to include the Application as part of the saved view in a future release. We'll let you know once we have it targeted to a specific version.



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    Ted Trost

    Completely agree. Saved view should include the application that is selected.

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    Hilary Hafeken

    Hi Uri,

    Recently we were told customers requested the application be excluded from the saved view and it is working as expected, so is adding it still targeted for a future release?

    Thanks so much,

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